Monday, November 03, 2003

Okay, so now I know this works. Here we go. An online diary can be a scary thing. But here goes. As you may know I am the Youth Pastor at a church in Maine. I love the kids that I work with. My church is a good place. I believe that the people are following Christ and that they love Him. Still there are days I feel like they are missiong out on so much because of their strict fundamental beliefs. Still, I see God at work. Our church is discipleship driven. We do a pretty good job at growing Christians but evangelism has never been on the front burner. That may have something to do with the fundamentalist views of the leadership. Calvinism is truly believed. Sometimes in a hyper sense. But in spite of that we have seen a new salvation in the past two weeks in Youth Ministry. A kid I had been praying for came to know Christ at the Word of Life Superbowl. Superbowl in this sense has NOTHING to do with football but is an all night traveling lock-in. This was actually the first of my four Superbowls that I actually enjoyed. Anyway, I am excited that this kid got saved and am praying that God will help us grow him up in the faith.

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