Saturday, November 29, 2003

Friday Questions
Here are this week's questions.

1. What did you do for Thanksgiving? (For those non-US people what did
you do on your last holiday?)
2. What is your favourite dessert?
3. Does being far from family make it harder or easier for ministry?
4. What are you doing for the Christmas holidays?
5. Do you have your Christmas stuff up already?
6. What is one gift you are giving this season? Do you give your youth
7. What makes the holidays hard for you?

Bonus Questions:

A. What excellent program are you doing in 2004?
B. Any favourite sports teams

My Answers:

1. For the first time in four years (thanks to Youth Specialties) my wife and I are were able to be with BOTH our families in MIssouri for a holiday.
2. Turtle Cheesecake
3. It can be easier but it is SO HARD away from family and friends with whom you havce a history.
4. Going to spend it home.
5. Nope. My wife wanted to put them up before we left from Maine but I thought it was pushing the season.
6. Have not a clue!
7. Other than this holiday, being lonely for friends in family. It is hard to be in a church during the holidays b/c family is emphasized so much and you feel awful because you aren't ANYWHERE close to yours.

A. We are going to do an all night lockin at a place with laser tag and a climbing wall.
B. MLB- Cardinals NFL - Rams NHL - Blues (What can I say I am a St. Louis boy!)

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