Monday, November 17, 2003

Friday's Questions 7.22

This week's Friday's questions deal with theology and belief

1. How would you describe grace?
An undeserved gift that I can never understand.

2. What do you think of the church?
The church universal is God's bride and the representation of Christ's love on Earth. My church is sometime okay and sometimes frustrating as I am sure many are.

3. What is the Bible?
God's Word and the standard by which all things much be judged.

4. Who is Jesus to you?
My Savior and the Master and Commander of my life.

5. In the pursuit of theology; what authors would you recommend a look
J.I Paker, James P. Boyce

6. Recently there is a song with the lyrics "If we are the Body, why
aren't His hands reaching; why aren't his hands healing" In conviction
what are you doing to be a part of the Body and make it better?
Loving God and loving people. Trying to equip the saints to minister in their world everyday.

7. What is one fun (or 2) thing you did this past week?
Went to see the Warrior Poetes and had dinner before hand.


A. What is your statement of belief? God is everything.

B. Any ideas for Student Ministry Christmas Get togethers?

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