Friday, November 07, 2003

Friday's Questions And Answers
Every Friday G-man from the listserv posts questions for us all to answer. I will post the ones I contribute to here each week. Here is your first installment of my answers:

OK. Here is this week's 7 questions. Week 21. On ministry, life, and the spiritual journey.

1. What is one book you would recommend to an upcoming youthworker?
Your First Two Years In Youth Ministry by Doug Fields

2. What is one devotional book you would recommend to students?
My Utmost For His Highest

3. Where did you go to school?
Central Visual and Performing Arts High School - St. Louis MO
Missouri Baptist College - Creve Coeur, MO
The Southern Baptist Seminary - Louisville, KY

4. What site or sites do you find helpful in your ministry?, Egad, Jonathan's Resources, Worship Together, Kerusso Drama,

5. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the least; 10 being the greatest) where would you say your relationship with your spouse is? (If single where would you say your relationship with others is?)
8-9 Always room for improvement. Our love is deep. I need to work on being a better spiritual leader.

6. What do you envision for 2004?
That God will continue to bring new students to our ministry and that we would see souls saved.

7. What is God convicting in your life right now?
Being the best Jasper I can be (i.e., Husband, Son, Brother, Friend, Pastor). Being a better spiritual leader at home (see question 5). Needing to take a stand on things that really matter even if I stand alone. No compromise even if I am outnumbered in my views on theology at my church.

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