Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Okay, so don't expect every week to be like this but this BLOG thing is still new and I also have an easy week at work so ...
Last night I was up until 2:00AM with a college aged kid who used to be in our youth ministry. He is searching out his love life (or lack thereof) and has found that he has made some mistakes in this area and that some of them are haunting him now. I tried to impress upon him the need to have a genuine walk with Christ. He kept telling me how he was getting closer to God but then admitted to not having a consistent quiet time at all. I had to go in for the blunt kill and tell him his relationship with God could not possible be GREAT as he proclaimed if he was never spending time in God's Word and prayer. He was pretty caught.
He wants to begin pursuing a girl whom he says he really feels is "the one". Now he is only 18 so I try to remind him that there could be many others before "the one." Suddenly I feel as though I am speaking of Neo in the Matrix. But anyway, he agreed to not move on that relationship until he had two months solid of quiet times without missing one. The thing about this kid is I really care about him but sometimes feel like he is not being completely honest with me. Sometimes I am sure he is just telling me what he thinks I want to hear. That is sometimes the difficult part of being a Youth Pastor. Kids can't always be completely transparent. Or at least they feel like they can't.
So, at about 1:45 AM or so someone pulled into our driveway. It was the guy's dad out looking for him. He hadn't told his parents he'd be home late and apparently this was the third time this scenario had played out in two weeks. It got pretty ugly. I did my best to remain neutral in the doom that came when his dad showed up. I can see both sides. For the guy, he is 18 and employed. His parents can't continue to treat him like a little kid but I also understand that he is living at home rent free and needs to be responsible enough to let his parents know where he is and when he may be late getting home. His dad was still yelling at him about how he was going to yell at him when they got home as they went to their cars in our driveway. They guy is stopping by the office on his way home tonight. From what I hear he was pretty shaken up and quiet at work today. I am not completely sure what I am going to say to him but I guess it is nice to know he wants my support.
So that is the update on the last 24 hours. Kendra's sister Aislinn gets here at ten thirty tonight and it is WICKED cold! Sonya will be here around 9:00PM on Saturday. So we will have a funfilled weekend ahead of us! I'm looking forward to visits from home. I can't believe the NYWC is only 2 weeks away. That is AWESOME! Missouri here we come. I have been oddly homesick the past few weeks. I have not been missing people as much as the familiarity of being in my home town. I am looking forward to driving down the streets where I grew up. I better stop I am getting a little choked up just thinking about it!

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