Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Leaning On Jesus
Why is it that so often we try to do things in our own strength? It seems like time after time we do not reap the rewards of simply giving difficult things to God. I have just come from one of the times I have seen God move when I simply let Him.

Our youth ministry has been going through some difficulties lately. I am sure you have had seasons in ministry when you can not quite pinpoint what is not going as it should but you are aware that things just aren't "clicking". Our ministry is at a plateau and I have had difficulties pulling it out of its rut. So when it came time to plan our annual retreat, I was a little under enthused. I also was serving our congregation in a temporary music leader role that was requiring much of my time.

With these things put together, I dragged my feet on securing a theme and talent for the retreat. We were just two weeks from the retreat dates when the Lord spoke and I decided to have several different ministry friends come and build the theme over a two day period. I prayed and left the results in God's hands. I felt like there was nothing I could do to make the retreat work.

I was right. I could do nothing more but the things God did were incredible. In these two days I saw God work through the retreat in a powerful way. He used the four speakers to ignite a flame in our group. They challenged them to live their lives for such a time as this and I saw my group get excited about what God could do through them. I saw them participate in authentic worship. I saw church members open their homes with a wonderful sense of hospitality. This hospitality has built bridges between the youth and these church members. All it took was my obedience. As the leader of the group, I had to submit to our Heavenly Father's plan. He needed to hear me say take it all. I can do nothing more. After this admission, God became our feet, our arms and our voice. He used four men dedicated to Him to affect my group. I am happy that I stopped and turned it over to Him.

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