Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Yesterday my friend, Mark and I went to Gordon College's Youth Pastor's Symposium. This year's topic was ministering to kids in crisis. It was originally scheduled for last Monday but the speaker was Rich Van Pelt who works with YS and had flown to California for Yac's funeral so they postponned it a week.

I gleaned some good quotes there but that was about it. It wasn't a borning seminar but some of it was stuff I have known for years. Especially the afternoon section on Dealing With Moral Failure. The session on Ministering To The Communiuty In Crisis was pretty good.

Yac was somewhat present as Rich Van Pelt brought the funeral program for us to look at. He also quoted Yac and I liked the quote. It was, "Teenagers are crap detectors". I believe that completely. They really do know when we are a ginuine and when we are not.

Anyway gordon is like 2 hours away and we had to leave at 6:15 yesterday morning. We didn't get back until about 5:15 and Kendra and I were only able to share a breif meal before the first of my guys in the Tuesday Night Senior High Bible study got here. By 5:30 we were sharing our meal with a high school seniopr which was cool. He and I got talking and he had a pretty HUGE problem and we talked about it but we got interupted by the other guys gettng here. We had Bible studya nd then I took the guy out for coffee and prayed together and I tried to help him get things right. While I was out Kendra called my cella nd told me that another kid (the same one who was here until 2AM LAST Tuesday) was waiting to talk at home. We finished up and I came back and counseled with him until after 11 then answered some emails. I didn't get into bed until after midnight. It was quite the 18 hour day!
I also got a littled miffed with an email I got and it made me angry and hard to get to sleep. I am just really struggling with what God wants for me as an Elder of our congregation. I know I need to affect change and I just have to stand up for my beliefs no matter the opposition. I see the potential of this congregation if the leadership will wake up and come into the 21st century from its 1965 mindset. I stayed home today and worked here. That helped!

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