Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Tuesday's First Ramble
So here I am at the office and thought I would add some of my thoughts onto here. It has already been a boring day. We don't have TNT this week so I don't have a message to prepare. I am kind of working on next week's already but it is hard to see a need for a rush. John, the AP, has hives and is not in today and Ron, the Senior, is out running errands so here I am alone!
Okay, let me talk about Maine for a moment. It can be SO frustrating. We just got a fax machine for the office (welcome to 1989, right?). The phone company came by yesterday to install the line we need for it and left without doing anything because they had no clue! HELLO? YOU ARE THE PHONE COMPANY! This state really bites! I long to be back in civilization. God has me here right now but I HATE Maine. I am SO trapped. Even my keychain is a picture of a bunch of lobsters in a trap and it says "Trapped In Maine". Oh well!
My sister-in-law comes in town tomorrow. Herr name is Aislinn and she just finished her officer's basic course for the army. She doesn'treally know where she is going to be stationed but knows that she will ship out probably at the end of the month. So she is coming to spend a couple of weeks here with us. She wins the prize for most Maine visits with five after this trip. It will be nice and I think it will be especially good for Kendra.
My dear old friend Sonya will be here this weekend as well. She will be coming in on Saturday afternoon. I can't wait to see her! I have not seen her since our wedding I don't think and then of course we did not do much quality time. She is one of my oldest Christian friends. We have known each other like 18 years or something like that. I am SO OLD!!! It will be great having her here.
My quiet time today was in the First chapter of 2 Corinthians. Mostly I remember it talking about God giving us comfort. That is a great concept. I am very glad that God loves us enough to give us His comfort. My article for the church newsletter this month was kind of about that. I have gotten some positive response back from it. I love to write and just need to take the time to do it more often. I suppose that could classify as a hobby! I often think I have no hobbies but I love writing and movies. So there. That is my answer about hobbies!
Well I guess I better move along to do more work here today. Only 15 more days until we leave for Missouri and the National Youth Worker's Convention. I know it will be somewhat a downer because of Mike Yaconelli's death last week but I still look forward to the worship and the retreat and BEING HOME! WOO-HOO!

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