Thursday, November 06, 2003

So where to begin? Well I am very patriotic and support our armed forces completely but sometimes how things get done stump me. My sister-in-law, Aislinn is a 1st lieutenant in the army and just graduated from Officer Basic Course on October 25. She was told that she would be deployed to either Germany or Hawaii at the end of November. So she planned a two week trip to visit us in Maine. We were all excited and go to pick her up at the airport last night at 10:30 PM. When we find her at the luggage carousel she tells us that she had just called my mother-in-law to let her know she had arrived safely and her Mom told her that the Army had called and she had to report for active duty on Friday afternoon at one o'clock. LIKE FRIDAY AS IN TODAY!!! So we had to race home and find an early return flight to Kansas City so she could get everything together on Thursday to report for duty on Friday. We had to charge another plane ticket (one way $600) to get her back home. We decided that if she was getting deployed there is even an outside chance that she may not come back (okay we don't really want to think about that) so we needed to stay up all night and make the most of the 7 hours or so we would have together before she had to leave. We did stay up and it was fun. As you may recall I was up with the screaming father and son until 2AM on Wednesday morning so sleep has not be easy to get this week.
So we go to Denny's for breakfast at 5:00AM (and I got to see a guy snort cocaine --- not what I WANTED to witness) off of one of the tables there. Then we were off to the airport and put Aislinn back on a plane. We came home and went to sleep for a couple of hours (Kendra called out of work) and at about 10 o'clock an unknown female from the army called asking for Aislinn. We told her she was already on a plane home and the women commented that was too bad because they decided she wasn't needed right away and they called to tell her she could stay for awhile. We later found out only until Saturday because she now has to report by like 5PM on Sunday but at the time we were HACKED!
So I go to church because I am supposed to have a drama team practice at 2:30 or so. I so wanted just to go to sleep but we have only had one practice for a skit that we are performing next Thursday at TNT (our mid-week youth program). Well at about 2:45, the church secretary calls me and tells me that the kids in the skit called and said they couldn't be there because "something had come up." LET ME TELL YOU WHAT HAD COME UP FOR ME AND I WAS THERE! But I am not bitter.
So I hung out at church because we had no TNT this week because Michael W. Smith and Mercy Me were in concert and we were going to that instead. So the kids all got there and off we went. The concert was actually very nice and it was good to see all our friends in the Christian community in Southern Maine. I did feel old because a lot of MWS older stuff I knew every word to but the kids we took were CLUELESS. By the way, Smitty is still a great performer but lets talk about someone who is looking OLD these days! LOL! Then we went to McDonald's and back to the church. I had a great time bonding with the kids. But needless to say it has been a whirlwind couple of days !
We have our annual Leaf Raking day on Saturday. Should be fun. Then we have a small group dinner thing at one of the church member's house and then my friend Sonya will be here. What a busy life!
If anyone in cyberspace is actually reading these things, please keep Aislinn in your prayers. Her walk with the Lord has not been incredibly deep of late and we are concerned that she may be going into physical battle a little spiritually unready. We marked up her Bible a lot last night with passages that mean a lot to us. I hope they help her on the field. Please pray against Afghanistan or Iraq and for Hawaii in particular as my mother-in-law wants to take Kendra there to visit as a retirement gift to herself. Also, it is way more safe for obvious reasons. We are trusting in the Lord knowing that the safest place to be is where God wants you and under His protection!
Well, I am SO going to bed now! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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