Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Okay so you know I have not just been like checked out of the world. My home computer went down just before we left for Missouri in November. It is sad how dependent I have gotten on having a good working computer in my living room. We have one that we can use for email purposes but it is my landlord's old one and it has a pop-up virus where like 30 pop-ups come up in like 5 minutes. I is crazy. So I haven't had much of an opportunity to just think about stuff lately in this format. I have been pretty busy at work and this is the first chance I have even had to get a little downtime to write.

I had to preach in "big church" on Sunday. I think it went pretty well. I spoke on "A Life Well Lived". The responses I got were very psoitive. I always feel a little inazdequate when preaching to adults. Not that I don't think Teens deserve the same qualitya nd preperation but they just accept you so much more at face value. In my congregation here in particular there are peopel who pretty much analyze and over analyze what you say so much that it takes some joy out of the message. That didn't seem to happen with this message. It really seemed to speak to people's hearts so I am glad.

We don't always have plans for holidays and actually a part of the difficulty of living here is that we feel so alone at those times. This year however we have had four different invites for New Year's Eve. WOW! Last year we had NONE! It was pretty depressing. So this year we plan on party hopping some. It should be fun. I think God is being good to us. He knows we really desire this contact with others and so he is opening this door for that. He is so good!

Well I will continue to ramble soon! Happy New Year!

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