Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Still Kickin'
Well I am FINALLY back in Maine. Not sure exactly if that is a good thing. But here we are. We extended our time away because of the GIANT Nor'easter that blew through at the end of last week. It was WONDERFUL being with our families. Still three weeks was FOREVER to be away. I needed to get back into a routine. I totally understand the concept that we all must have a reason to get up in the morning. As much as I would like to be a slacker I guess that is not in my make up.

I am a little under the weather and felt like calling in sick to the office today but that probably wouldn't be the best move after being gone for three weeks. I am opting out of a dance performance one of my students is in though. It is cold and gross out so I don't want to get out again the way I feel.

I was a little disappointed with the YS convention this year. None of the speakers did much for me. I was completely put off by Jay Baker, the son of Jim and Tammy Faye. He was not only a bitter young man but also spewed horrible theology as well. But I did get a lot of free stuff. So I guess in the end it is okay. I just hope that after all the Mike Yaconelli tributes and Jay Baker that new youth pastors or students were not disillusioned. I had one of my former students there and thankfully he seemed to sift through the bad stuff. I pray that all newbies were able to do as well as Ben.

We are having some "so were back in Maine" feelings. We do not feel like this area is our home. We realize that Jesus calls us to leave our homes and serve Him and here we are. The call is not always easy and certainly does not always make sense but what we must remember is it is His call not ours. That can sometimes be difficult to take but if we keep our focus on His will in the end we will be better for it.

All that sounds great. I just need to learn how to better live it.

On our journey we wound up at a Christian in store performance of the new Christian band Casting Crowns. It was excellent. I knew they had to be pretty good because Steven Curtis Chapman (a personal fav of mine) was producing their stuff. Still their mini-concert was great. Hearing from their hearts was great too. Particularly when the lead singer spoke of being a Youth Pastor and how he struggles with his worthiness for the call. Boy have I been (and usually still am) there. He sang a song called, The Voice Of Truth and I was so moved. The lyrics on the CD are great and I recommend that you run out and buy it now. You can go to their website at to check them out. They are all youth leaders at their churches and I think that is wicked cool!

Well I am sure that my thoughts will wonder more soon. I am off to watch TV with my beautiful wife!

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