Saturday, January 10, 2004

G-Man's Friday Questions

1. How's the weather? COLD COLD COLD! SERIOUSLY COLD LIKE -17 degrees COLD! But as long as it is not snowing, I am okay with that!

2. What book are you currently reading for enjoyment? A Bend In The Road By Nicholas Sparks

3. Any good youth ministry books you're reading? In between ministry books at the moment.

4. What do you see as the latest trend? In my church a return to the traditional and I am not so into that!

5. What are you doing different that might help other youthworkers? Not sure. Just trying to keep my head above water for now!

6. Do you cancel events, due to lack of attendance? Money? Weather? Lack of attendance --- Not usually. Money --- not cancel but I do stay away from some events because they are too costly. Weather --- our church has a policy that if our local school closes for weather our children and youth activities will cancel as well.

7. Is it harder to do youth ministry at an older age or a younger age?
Younger I think because you are not at a point where you have learned from your mistakes much.


A. How many nights a week (on average) are you gone out to do ministry? 2 Nights out twice a month. 1 Night out the other two weeks. Also, I have a guys small group that meets at my house every Tuesday night. I am not sure how that qualifies.

B. What are some goals in 2004 you have for your ministry? Love God and love people.
For yourself, personally? To continue to get more organized and to keep my office as clean as it has been the last three months!

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