Friday, February 13, 2004

Back In The Saddle Again
Okay after a long period of illness (my back is a joke) I am back to my Blog. It has been awhile so I will fill you in on my life. It has been a busy little while. After my MAJORLY expensive muscle relaxers cured the muscular part of my problem, I was able to finally walk upright. Oh just like those crazy evolution pictures! You know the ones that show the monkey evolving into a hunchbacked man to an upright man. That is how I felt. I am still in some pain but I can move and I will not be taking that for granted anytime soon.

Anyway, this past weekend was our Disciple Now. It was a great weekend. I am so glad we got together with Lakeside Community Church. Our kids bonded and it was a great thing. Jeff Wells from Parkway Baptist Church in St. Louis, Missouri spoke. He was great and I would recommend him highly. The whole weekend was on family relationships. He was great! Email me if you want his number.

It was hard to judge commitments because it was such a different topic but many of the kids really seemed to confront some family stuff and that was great! We used the Student Discipleship Ministries materials called The True Test. It is good but a little dated. I wish SDM would truly update their stuff instead of just updating the clip art. But their Toatally Consumed material that we used last year is brand new and if you are doing anything concerning worship I would completely recommend it.

For Valentines Day Kendra and I are going to spend the weekend alone watching movies. It may not be the grandest of things to do but after the hectic little while we have had it should be nice.

That is a quick update. I plan to keep on blogging as the weekend goes on! So check back!

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