Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Family Ties
The Stats Speak:
Teens Choose Family First

50% of American high school students say that they would want to spend more time with their family.
44% say that they would prefer to spend more time with their friends.
--State of Our Nation's Youth Survey, 2003

Jasper Speaks:
What an interesting statistic. In an era when family is "uncool" it is interesting to see the number of students who yearn for this time. I think this speaks to so many problems in our society. Parents work long hours so that their families can have what they "need". Siblings are shuffled off into many different directions every day. It seems that many families are lacking common relational skills with one another.

If we could convince parents that this statistic is true, I think we could see some major changes in our society. However, the media and entertainment industries seem to undermine this happening. When was the last time you saw a happy, well adjusted family whose parents are respected dispite usual problems on television? (Seventh Heaven SO doesn't count. What preacher's family is at all like the Camdens?) I understand that these families may not be as entertaining as the dysfuntional sort. Still, I think that positive family images would promote the idea that families need to make time for each other.

If families are together I think we would see less crime. I know there would be more healthy children. I know there would be more fullfilled parents. Maybe we should take this survey to heart and spend some extra time with our families. Which is why I better stop blogging for the day and start having some quality family time!

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