Sunday, February 15, 2004

Fifty First Dates

Jasper Speaks:

Today Kendra and I went to go see Fifty First Dates with our friends Nathan and Angela Milkins. We went to Chunky's. Now if you are not familiar with the Chunky's experience, in my opinion it is a great way to see a movie. It is a sinner theater set up. You sit in luxury car chairs on casters. You can recline and be very comfortable. So it is usually a pleasant experience if only from an aesthetic point.

Settled in to watch the movie, I was anticipatory. I am an Adam Sandler fan and have been a little disappointed by the last couple of offerings from the Happy Madison Production Company. So as the trailers played I didn't know quite what to expect. Was this going to be classic Sandler in the vein of The Wedding Singer or a snooze fest like Anger Managment?

As the movie began, I thought it may be more the latter and was not so pleased. Some of the humor was just dumb. Yes I know I was in an Adam Sandler movie so I allowed myself to take it all in. I began to think that I would not be completely disappointed and just sat in for the ride.

then as the movie got past it's rising action and got into the real meat of the love story, it took a great turn. It became a funny, sweet romantic comedy. Watching classic Sandler moments like the scenes where he tries to impress Drew Barrymore along a deserted Hawaiian rode were great. There also was quite a bit of heart to the love story that is reminiscent of The Wedding Singer.

I was impressed that the writers didn't take the easy way out and give us a completely predictable ending. Overall I had a great time. I am glad that we decided to go. I would recommend the movie to you if you are a fan of Adam Sandler like me or even if you are a sucker for a good romantic comedy. Also, the bonus for me was the supporting role of one of my FAVORITE actors Sean Astin!!! Go Rudy!!! Go Samwise!!! That was a pleasant surprise as I had not heard he was in the movie!

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