Sunday, February 15, 2004

Friday 7.35

1. What night of the week is your Discipleship time?
Thursday nights are my Sunday. We have nearly 100%
saved kids on these nights so we disciple then. Also
we have small groups on Tuesday.

2. What good discipleship Curriculum have you come
across that would be helpful?
The Guy/Girls curriculum from YS is still the best I
have ever used. My guys especially got a lot out of
it. Jesus No Equal was great too. Right now we are
using Living Life On Purpose by Doug Fields and it is
pretty good too.

3. How do you get students from being just coming to
the fun events to the committed?
I think you raise the bar and ask for more and more of
them. We live in a society that is so complacent that
they love a challenge. Also, have student leaders
guide the others and bring them along. If one kid
thinks it's cool, others will generally follow.

4. What is your student ministry's name, and its
purpose statement?

The ATTIC - Ablaze Teens Testifying In Christ

(I inherited the name the ATTIC not my fave!)
The youth ministry of Hollis Center Baptist Church
exists to BRING Junior and Senior High students into a
relationship with Jesus Christ, to build a BOND of
lifelong Christian friendships, helping students to
GROW in their relationship with Christ, and
encouraging them to FIND God's purpose for their life
as they LIVE daily for Him.

5. What is one thing God has laid upon your heart this
past week?
students grow slow but strong. Love them.

6. How does one achieve holiness?
Constant pursual.

7. How do you recruit your volunteers?
P-I-A - Pray Identify Approach


A. When was the last time you communicated to the
parents of students in your ministry?
Five minutes ago.

B. If there was one object to describe you; what would
it be?

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