Friday, February 20, 2004

Friday Night Is Upon Me

Jasper Speaks:

So it is just an ordinary night at home for me. Kendra has been working early hours so it is 9:00PM and she is fast asleep. We had a nice time with our friends Brian and Ruth Cawley tonight. We had dinner with them. You gotta love the new car side service from Applebee's. Kendra picked it up on her way home and it was a good, quick meal.

We were there primarily for me to train Ruth in using FrontPage. She is taking over the Hollis Center Baptist Church Webpage for me. I built the site up from the ugly plain text site it was when I got here to a decent little info page. I don't have a lot of time to do anything more than maintain it. So Ruth has been looking for a ministry and I know she will do a great job. We had a good time laughing at how easy the program is to use and how hard I can make it seem to other people.

Brian and Ruth are a couple we are completely comfortable with here in Maine. They have been like a mom and dad to us and we love them very much. We are on the same page with them as far as ministry philosophy goes. That is a rarity for us here. It is nice to "dream" with them. We completely trust them and know anything we say will stay in confidence. It is nice to have that in ministry.

Last Friday Kendra and I went to The Clay Place and painted some ceramics together. It was creative and romantic and we had a wonderful time. Tonight we picked up our "art". It is cool. Mine looks like Kendra's seven year old one armed not so bright nephew did it but I had a good time anyway. It is great to have something to remember the night by as well.

Tomorrow our mission team to Ecuador leaves. There is supposed to be a big snow storm. They haven't raised all their support. There is a political uprising in Ecuador. They are still pressing on. I pray all will go well. You have to ask, "is this God saying they shouldn't go?". I am sure he will clear all the way for them if it is all in his will.

I am enjoying the fellowship on my YP and YS listserves at the moment. Some of the arguing that can come up from time to time has died down and we have had a couple of days of just good old fellowship. I got a "quote of the moment" today from a post someone put up it is: Cancel My Subscription -- I Don't Need Your Issues . It cracks me up!
So I am looking forward to a good night's sleep and seeing the Ecuador team off tomorrow morning as they are actually meeting at my house to caravan to the airport together. So that is my Friday night. Don't you wish you were me???

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