Friday, February 27, 2004

Friday's Questions

Friday 7.37

1. If you were your own youth pastor would you like you?
Hmmm ... tough to answer this one. I didn't have a YP growing up and would have killed to have someone invest the time in me. My answer is tainted a little because of that background. I would say yes. Still, I know there are so many weaknesses and I am not the best YP I can be all the time. I guess if I were a kid I wouldn't realize the inconsistency in my YP as much as I realize them in myself so ... hmmm ... yes? I guess. I would definitely like me. I am a great guy!

2. Passion; too much hype or worth it?
Worth it. Though there was a lot of hype.

3. When was your last illness?
Flat on my back for nearly three weeks in January.

4. Should their be government standards?
Sure. Whatever.

5. What was the last trip you took?
Last November to St. Louis for the National Youth Workers Convention.

6. What is your favourite Bible verse?
Jeremiah 29:11 (I really pound this one so much that almost every senior higher in my group could tell you that!)

7. What is one thing you collect or do as a hobby?
My wife would say I collect EVERYTHING. But I do collect Pez Dispensers, Flintosne meorabillia, Classic Star Wars Trilogy toys, and toys in general.


A. What is one thing or saying that sticks out to you?
Cancel my subscription --- I don't need your issues.

B. What is one thing about this past week that ticks you off?
The Worship Committee at my church. Too many cooks in the kitchen and important things get swept under the rug and stupid things get drug out ALL THE TIME.

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