Friday, February 20, 2004

Friday's Seven

G-Man Questions
Jasper Speaks:

Here are this week's questions.

1. What is one struggle you have?
Consistency.I wish I could be more consistent at about everything.

2. Are celebrations such as Christmas and Easter, Biblical?
Sure. SOme would say not but the Old Testament is filled with celebration commemorating special religious days.

3. What is one form you use a lot?
Uh, dunno. I guess a permission slip.

4. How do flexible are you in planning events? Do you have a Plan B?
Flexible to a degree. I usually only have a Plan B after Plan A has died.

5. What was the last fun thing you did?
Went to a pottery painting place with my wife for Valentine's Day(we actually went on Friday). I do so love her!

6. What devotional book are you currently using?
Purpose Driven Life (my senior High guys Bible Study is going through it together)

7. What was the last picture you shot?
PJ - A new kid to our group at Youth group last night.


A. What would you recommend as some etiquette points for those online with listservs and forums?
Speak in love.

B. Any clothing companies you'd recommend for doing T-shirts and so forth?
I just had a mixed experience with uthstuph. They did a great design but told me they had a certain size that they ended up not haveing and instead of sending me the two shirts in the size I needed they sent me FIVE shirts a size too small. They didn't call or email me to tell me this was going to happen the shipment just came that way. I still think that is odd. I felt like I got the run around so I guess it is back to our local guy at Back Bay Sports in Portland Maine.

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