Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Girls Will Be Girls

The Press Speaks:
Lohan Tired of Drama With Duff
Associate Press

NEW YORK - Lindsay Lohan says she's tired of the drama between her and Hillary Duff. The star of the upcoming movie "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" and Duff both dated pop singer Aaron Carter and had a falling out that reportedly resulted in Duff asking Lohan to leave the premiere of "Cheaper by the Dozen," in which Duff co-starred.

Lohan now says their spat is "silly" and "unnecessary."

"I mean, she's doing great. I'm a fan of hers. My sister loves her," the 17-year-old Lohan said on ABC's "Good Morning America" on Tuesday. "I just wanted to let her know I have no problems and neither should she. We were friends."

When Diane Sawyer asked whether her fight with the 16-year-old Duff was "a high school thing," Lohan answered, "Yeah."

"It is the reason why I wanted to finish high school early because it is what you have to deal with in high school," the actress said. "When you are working and stuff, the last thing you want to read is someone doesn't like you. Let it go, you know what I mean? I just wanted to clear it up."

Jasper Speaks:
As a Youth Pastor this "news" story cracks me up. I am suddenly in a completely realting to this article place. This sounds so much like every day in a Youth Pastor's life. How many of our students are in the same spot as these two teens.

I am reminded of last spring when I was "counselling" one sixteen year old because her "arch enemy" in the youth group had literally looked at the same boy that the first girl was interested in. My wife often says that she believes we sometimes live to facilitate romance. I must admit I feel that is correct quite often.

There is always bickering and squabbling because, these are teenagers afterall. I am a little encouraged to see that Lindsey Lohan and Hillary Duff are still able to be typical teenagers even in their stardom. I wish more teen stars would stop trying to be 35 and live the life of a young person like they should.

Even in the midst of the drama I am content as a Youth Pastor. I cannot even imagine doing anything else. I love my job. There are days it gives me a splitting headache. There are days I want to yell, 'Won't you just PLEASE grow up!" Then I am reminded that they are growing up. The drama, the pettyness, the falling in and out of love is all part of the journey. I am glad that they are not jumping over these things into a Brittney or Christina or Justin world. They are young and God gives me the priviledge of having a part in their transition to adulthood. Who would have thought a mindless teenage squabble would give Jasper such a philosophical moment?

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