Monday, February 16, 2004

LOL! I Love Rich Baseball Owners!

The Press Speaks:
Kick in the gut
By Eric Wilbur, Staff, 2/16/2004

Now John Daly, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Shaquille O'Neal know how the Patriots felt.

Impress the world all you want. Alex Rodriguez will be there to steal your thunder.

While the Patriots were breaking all sorts of NFL winning streak records, all anyone in New England would talk about was the Red Sox failed attempt to acquire the reigning Most Valuable Player. Yesterday, on a banner day for sports in the supposed black hole of the year, A-Rod and the Yankees did it again by pulling off the deal that Boston could not.

Remember that great satirical piece from The Onion last year, in which they published an article that said the Yankees ensured the 2003 pennant by signing every player in baseball? Well, we thought they were kidding too.

Murray Chass of the New York Times says, summer or winter, the Yankees show the Red Sox how to win. It's Yankees 1, Red Sox 0 this offseason, he claims. Perhaps he forgets about George Steinbrenner's pining for one Curt Schilling before the Red Sox wrestled him away.

Jasper Speaks:
My first thought here is one to throw my head backwards and HOWL with laughter! It is one of my proudest sport days since I moved to New England. It is second only to that home run thing in the playoffs last year that I like to throw on the table when Boston fans get a little cocky. Red Sox fans or excuse me Red Sux fgenerallygeneraly rude and obnoxious so this pre season blow is making me smile. I think it is poetry that A-Rod not only didn't get to Boston but got to New York instead.

I am not a huge Yankee fan/ Being from St. Louis makes me a Cardinal fan through and through but the Yankee fulfill my number 2 favorite team requirement --- The team who is playing the Red Sox. Now I am not the biggest sports guy in the world. The truth is, I only mildly followed the Cards and the Rams before our move to New England. Yet here people are obsessed. I think, in Maine at least, this is a direct result of the lack of things to do. In an effort to keep Maine the most secluded, trapped in 1965 state in the union, sports have a greater following.

So as those around me mourn with baseball cap in hand, I smile. You see I am such a non-sox fan that sadly, my life has come down to findinghapiness in the fallings of the sports teams of New England. A sad life maybe but as things seem to be going I am glad that football easeon is in my past and that an A-Rod free baseball season is nearly here.

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