Monday, February 16, 2004

Mel Gibson On Primetime

Jasper Speaks:

Many things in the interview tonight were impressive. I thought that Mel's ideas on sin and forgiveness granted on the cross seem to be right on. I was impressed by what he said about his own testimony. He spoke of his love for Christ and his belief that Christ died for us. I was impressed that Mel Gibson answered the question, "who killed Jesus Christ?" by saying that we all did. He took the first point of blame. I respect that answer and I have respect for the man who gave it.

Scenes from the movie seem to be gut wrenching and touching. I have heard many people who have seen pre-releases of the film say it has changed the way they picture the crucifixion. I can already see, through just the portions I have witnessed, that it has the potential to do the same to me.

I think this is a very important film. I think that God can use this film. I think the reason lies for the most part in that Mel Gibson has used the words of God as they appear in the Gospels. I believe that God's Word is so much more powerful than the medium of film. I believe in the end that what changes the world will not be the film itself or it's savage imagery. I believe it will be what has changes hearts and minds throughout the ages, God's Word as it appears in the Bible.

There was a part of the interview that saddened me. It was just a short moment when Mel Gibson said he felt like anyone can get to Heaven. He just feels like a Roman Catholic that he has a guarantee. This is Jasper's paraphrase. The way he said this is disturbing on two levels for me.

First, Mel's implication was that you do not have to be a Christian to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. That is not the message of the Gospels he claims to hail so dear. His remarks sadden me because I am afraid that they send a message equal to "all dogs go to Heaven". God's Word is implicit in the fact that the ONLY way to Heaven is through a relationship with Jesus Christ. That was not the view as it came across in this interview.

Second, it did also impress Mel's idea that Roman Catholicism gives the guarantee to heaven. Denominations do not have a guarantee on Heaven. The only guarantee is again, through a personal relationship with Christ.

In the end, the interview was about what I had expected. No great revelations. I do respect ABC for their line of questioning. I also respect Mel Gibson for taking an unapologetically stand in this area. Most of all however, I respect Christ for giving us a reason for living, not just a reason to make a movie.

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