Saturday, February 14, 2004

Murphy’s Top 10 Laws of Youth Ministry

This list comes from my friend D. Warren Robison:

10. If it can spill, it will.
9. The van always break down at the worst location possible,
never near an exit or close to any town.
8. The most important printed announcement will no doubt
have an embarrassing typow.
7. The VCR will always work during a trial run, but never
operate correctly once "show time" occurs.
6. Any handout intended for parents will inevitably find
it's way back to your office.
5. 50% of your group will never hear the verbal
announcements, and they're the same ones who can't read.
Consequently, half the group never shows.
4. A group of girls who sit right in the middle will always
have to go to the bathroom just as you're starting to teach
from the Bible or give an invitation.
3. You'll return the latest from a trip when you work the
hardest to be back on time.
2. If the directions are right, they'll be unreadable,
misplaced, eaten, raptured…something unfortunate will
undoubtedly happen to ensure the driver loses his way.

And the number one Murphy’s Law of youth ministry is . . .

1. Directions from anybody to anywhere will always be wrong.

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