Saturday, February 21, 2004

Off To Ecuador
Actions speak:
Our church's team is off to Ecuador for two weeks. It is a little odd for Kendra and I because the team is all high school and college students youth parents and youth leaders (except for the two team leaders who are already in Ecuador) but we are not going. It was not a trip sponsored by the youth ministry but so many people involved in our youth ministry felt called to go. We got up and saw them all off this morning and my Youth Pastor "daddy" heart was overflowing with pride.

Two years ago, on our first trip to Raleigh for our mission trip, I was having a late night discussion with several students. During that time one of the girls who left this morning said she had no desire to do any mission work outside of the U.S. I could tell this was much more a fear of the unknown issue than a God is not calling me to go issue. So I almost flippantly said, "I will get you on a trip out of the country before you graduate high school". She of course told me I was crazy and there was no way. She graduates in June and I saw her off to Ecuador today. God is so cool. She completely remembers that conversation and we have had fun remembering it together.

I must admit I had no feelings of wanting to go on this trip even as I saw them off. I was totally comfortable with not being called to go. God in no way spoke to me that I should be a part of this team. Kendra and I were joking about how nice it was to have a "youth" mission trip we did not have to plan, organize and be responsible for. I am praying that these two weeks will change and challenge our kids. I am sure God has so much more in store for them than I can even imagine. Once again I am in awe that God would allow me to be a part of this. He is so good to someone so sinful and useless. He lets me influence kids for the kingdom and get paid for it! What a God!

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