Saturday, February 14, 2004

What Is Your "Dream" Church

I have been thinking about this a lot lately and I
think that of course there are no perfect churches
because we are all imperfect but I would love to serve
at a church that:

-Had an Elder rule leadership with congrgational

-The teaching was relevent to life issues that meet
the need for answers to life's questions from God's
Word for each person who seeks it.

-Had exegentical, expository preaching that challenges
and breaks me reguarlly.

- Had a worship that blended seemlessly, contemparary
(as in recent) music with time tried theology filled
hymns and choruses and doesn't make the fact that they
had one or the other a big deal. Where there is
relevent drama reguarlly. Where the offering is more
than just an opportunity to raise money to pay the
bills but also a call to offer ourselves to God. Where
the format of worship changes reguarly to keep us from
getting into a rut of just going through the motions.
Where people come broken to the altar reguarly and
others come to pray with and for them.

-One word for you --- multimedia.

-A place where Jesus is not only preached, but visibly
lived out in the lives of the leadership and
congregation in such a way that people are drawn to
become a part.

-A place where lost people are being saved and then
discipled in a quality way immediately.

-A place that serves the community for both a full
spirit and a full stomach.

-A place where you can come dressed as you would to go
out with your friends and no one think that you are
overdoing or underdoing it.

- A place where the youth ministry is constantly
seeing lives transformed by Jesus through the efforts
of quality, committed, adult and student leaders.
Students broken and hurting for their lost friends and
dragging them along with them because they are so
confident that the gospel is presented in a real way
in their youth ministry. A gifted, talented, in love
with Jesus youth praise and drama team. Supportive
parents who are willing to be an active part of the
ministry. Volunteers who feel called specifically to
youth ministry and see themselves as "ministers of
youth" even if they don't get paid. Volunteers who are
there for the long haul.

Okay, okay, I could go on but I will stop. There are
some of my ideas (some of which surprisingly enough
exist in my home church). What's YOUR dream?

Email me and let me know!

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