Monday, February 16, 2004

Who Made The Mayor Of San Francisco King?

The Press Speaks:
San Francisco's Gay Weddings Continue

Dozens of same-sex couples lined up outside City Hall in heavy rain early Monday, waiting for city offices to open so they could join more than 1,700 other gay and lesbian couples who have exchanged vows in the last few days.

Jasper Speaks:
Okay so I think any intelligent minded person has got to have a problem with this. Now, wherever you stand on the issue of gay marriage you have got to know that what is happening in San Francisco is just not right. The voters of the state of California have spoken and said that marriage should remain a commitment between one man and one woman but San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has decided that he has the right to soley throw out that decision and allow same-sex unions in his city.

Even if you feel that same-sex marriage is something that should exist in our country, you can not condone this brass move by the San Francisco Mayor. Our government is set up in such a way that one person can not change laws at their will. What if I become Mayor of Hollis Center, Maine (okay so we are a podunky little town with no mayor but play along with me here) and decide that all natural born Mainers must be deported to Massachusetts. If you are familiar with New England life you would know that for all Mainers being forced to live in Massachusetts is worse than death. But let's say that I did this horrible thing. Would just because I was a mayor give me the right to go beyond the scope of the government and create an illegal plan? This is exactly what is going on in San Fran right now.

What is next? Robbery is okay in some cities even though it is outlawed in the state as a whole? Murder is okay in certain circumstances because, hey I am a mayor so I can make it so. People just don't get it!

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