Tuesday, March 23, 2004


My Library Speaks:

1. Purpose Driven Youth Ministry By Doug Fields Publisher: Zondervan/Youth Specialties

Still, in my opinion the premier youth ministry book. Fields offers a practical model for your youth programs. This book has revolutionized my ministry and brought us from programs to purpose. My biggest pet peeve are YPs that hate on Doug!

2. The Seven Checkpoints For Youth Leaders By Andy Stanley and Stuart Hall Publisher: Howard Press

A great companion to PDYM. Where PDYM answers the how question, Seven Checkpoints answers the what question. This book explains the seven things every student should know by the time they graduate from a youth ministry. Easy read and direct to the point this book is a classic.

3. Your First Two Years In Youth Ministry By Doug Fields Publisher: Youth Specialties

Another classic by Doug Fields. Don't let the title fool you. There is a plethora of information in this book for both the novice and the veteran. Fields offers great insight into relationships with students, leaders, church staff, parents and congregations. The book is worth the price for Appendix B alone which answers ten ministry questions.

4. Play It! By Wayne Rice and Mike Yaconelli Publisher: Youth Specialties

The classic book of Youth Group games. The internet has almost completely replaced books for ideas for youth games but this book remains the number one resource on where to begin. It is well thought out and organized and a must have in case your internet connection goes out!

5. Don't Check Your Brains At The Door By Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler Publisher: Word Books

This is a great introduction to apologetics for teens. It offers easy to read chapters that dispels myths that the world argues against Christianity. Great for junior high or high school kids. An honorable mention goes out to the Josh McDowell book More Than A Carpenter as well.

6. Hot Illustrations For Youth Talks Volumes 1-4 By Wayne Rice Publisher: Youth Specialties

These now are available on CD Rom. What a great resource. I believe in using "real life" illustrations as much as you can but for those moments when you need an illustration to drive home an important point, these books are for you!

7. Student Ministry For The 21st Century By Bo Boshears Publisher: Zondervan/Willow Creek Resources

Not the book that Purpose Driven Youth Minsitry is but still offers great direction for building a dynamic youth ministry. Boshears offers practical ideas and well thought out encouragement in this volume.

8. Youth Ministry Management Tools By Olson, Elliot and Work Publisher: Youth Specialties

Great resource for organization. This book has helped me to bring a bit of organization to my ministry. Also has many helpful forms. Well worth the price.

9. So THAT'S Why I Keep Doing This By Glen Procopio Publisher: Youth Specialties

Procopio writes from a been there done that and God is good perspective. I find his devotions uplifting and very relatable to my ministry. This book stays on my desk for quick reference on hard days.

10. Finishing Strong By Steve Farrar Publisher: Multnomah Publishers Inc.

This book is much more about the youth pastor's spiritual life than how to do youth ministry. Using biblical characters as examples, Farrar offers a plan for a well lived life. He encourages men to stand up for what is right and reminds us that character isn't something you mandate, it's something you model.

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