Thursday, April 15, 2004

The Big Move: Reality or Fiction?

Jasper Speaks:

I swear our recent move into our new apartment could be a reality series. I am just scared what people might think if they saw my wife in a confessional!
We have lived next door to friends and church members for two years in a wonderful apartment that they originally built for us. It was a great gesture. Then situations arose where their sister needed a home and so my wife and I had to move out. This made us very sad.

Through this process I have come to really dislike the contractor. He is the man who originally built our apartment. He used to attend our church but goes somewhere else now. Anyway, he has been pretty rude throughout all of this and last night was a final straw moment.

We had moved most of our stuff out on Saturday but there were a few things still to get out and we needed to clean up. On Saturday the goal for all involved was to get the furniture to our new place. So we went back yesterday to get our hangup kind of clothes and odds and ends and to clean.

Well the contractor was there working (no on knew he was even coming. He wasn't supposed to begin work until the 19th.) He had taken all of our clothes out of the closets and threw them in a pile on the floor. Now anyone who knows me knows that confrontation is something I avoid but after the other incidents with this guy this was all I could take. I calmly but firmly told him I did not appreciate what he had done and wished he would have at least called me to tell me that the stuff needed to be moved earlier.

He went bezerk and started going off on my wife and I. He accused us of not being good tenants (remember he is not the landlord). He said we had "pooped" (yes he used that word) on our landlord for two years. He accused us of not being appreciative of the place they gave us to live. He called us bad Christians because we had not vacuumed behind our dresser! Anyway, the Pastor's wife was there and told him to stop talking to us like that which is good because I was probably a minute away from saying more than I needed to and two sentences away from decking the guy.

We moved out our stuff and cleaned and waited for the landlord to get home. When he did, the contractor told him what he had said to us. Our friend the landlord was SO angry with the guy and put him in his place. He told him in no uncertain terms that he had not spoken for our friend or his wife. He reminded him that he wasn't even supposed to be there until Monday. Then our friend talked to us and apologized. We all had dinner together. It was wonderful and the closure we needed as we moved to our new place.

Funny how God works. He took a frustrating and very bad situation and used it to add the closure we needed with our friends. The man did call our friends and the Pastor's wife and apologized for what he did. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that the reason we didn't get a call was he doesn't know our number. Yeah okay.

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