Saturday, April 10, 2004


Jasper Speaks:
I just want to thank you all for your prayers this weekend. We are all moved into our new apartment. My wife is seeking a better attitude and is doing a great job in getting there. She is wonderful. It is still hard for her but she seems to be thinking more clearly now.
We had the help of several youth and one wonderful adult today who moved everything for us. The adult woman even came over just to unpack and organize the kitchen. Tonight she is my hero! So are the five kids who helped and hung out with us. Man the time after all the stuff was basically done (for today) when we just sat around the living room and talked with the kids who helped us warms this old Youth Pastor's heart. I love working with teens. ABSOLUTELY love it and it is days like these that remind me why.
We also had a great team of men who moved the big stuff (piano, couches, bed, dressers, washer and dryer, etc) for us this morning while we were in a CPR class. God is so good.
I have had some great moments tonight preparing my sermon for the early morning service tomorrow. GOd has reminded me of some things that I hope will challenge our congregation.
Now I am off to sleep. Thank you all again for remembering us to the Father. You have no idea what a difference it made.

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