Sunday, April 11, 2004

Friday's Questions by G-Man
Jasper Speaks:

1. What does the cross mean to you?
The cross is where Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for me which forever gives me life and access to God.

2. Any song or songs that help remind you the point of the cross?
Amazing Love (You are My King), Because He Lives, Today in church the Old Rugged Cross really did leave an impact on me. When I Survey, and Once Again always speak to my heart as well.

3. Are you more aware of the message and brutality of the cross this year than in the past?
The Passsion has helped me visualize it more. It is hard to wathc other tellings of the story because the images seem so sterile and unreal now.

4. Does wearing a cross bring more meaning or is it just another piece of jewelry for some?
I believe it can be either. The only cross I wear reguarly is on my wedding band. There are two white gold stripes that meet at the foor of the cross. It reminds me that Christ is the center of my marriage and my love for my wife.

5. Ever take somethings online personally?
Yeah I do too often. I need thicker skin in this area. I think generally most people are meaner online than they would be to your face. Anonimity adds a lot of courage.

6. What is one book you are reading that you'd consider unusual?
I usually am reading 4 or 5 books at a time but as we have been moving for the past couple of weeks I have read nothing but the Bible which I hope is not unusual!

7. Any preparations for this weekend, anything that would help others in their ministries?
Can't think of anything.


A. What is your favourite TV show?
I am now stuck in the WOODS without CABLE!!! It will be awhile before I can watch anything without fuzz but my favorite shows are ER, Family Guy and American Idol. No cable means no Fox and no Cartoon network so I guess ER will win for now!

B. Anything you have to help designate your Bible from others?
Uh ... this is a little embarassing but my favorite Bible is always winding up in the lost and found at church. I just sit it down and the church mice scoop it off and hide it. I don't know why people don't just return it to me. It has my name in it and a picture of my wife and I taped in the front but instead they keep putting it in the bottom of the lost and found and I usually don't know where it is until I am announcing that the Lost and Found is going to be purged soon so people better claim their stuff. When that happens --- BOOM my Bible magically appears. It is pretty creepy. It is good I have A LOT of extras! (And by the way isn't Lost and Found a GREAT band!?!)

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