Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Something Else Positive

Jasper Speaks:

God is so good to us in times we least expect it. I have been doing a guy's small group on Tuesday nights for four years. I was driving down the rode today and was athankful to the Lord for the way he has burdened the guys to be faithful. Seldom do they miss. It has been great to invest my life in these guys. Three of them are seniors who have been a part all four years and it will bring a tear to my eye when they move on. Of course once they are not youth group members anymore they can become friends and that is always nice.

Not every week goes well for us. There are many times I am frustrated that nothing is getting through. They talk and laugh instead of sitting and soaking in knowledge. Now I realize they are guys and that gives them some lead way. I enjoy our goofy times too. I just wish there were fewer. Sometimes it seems we get nowhere.

But tonight was different. We had a great guys Bible study tonight. We began studying Ephesians. A few weeks ago one of my seniors voiced that he wanted our time to be more interactive (it already was pretty interactive they just talk about OTHER things for action). So I chucked the literature we had been going through and just pulled out the Serendipity Bible. We had such a great discussion about God's will! The guys showed depth and interest. It was very cool. I learned long ago to cherish these momens because they are few and far between.

So, next week it may be back to the same ole thing. But this week I got a peek at what God is doing in these guys' lives. It made me smile.