Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Jasper Stressfuly Speaks:

Please be praying for our big evagelsitic event, Youth Blast 2004 that takes place on Saturday. God is miraculously providing money for the event in a way that has never happened before and we are expecting over 200 teens to be there. It is also an event that I have to trust God a lot to take care of as it is the best delegated event we do. So my minor control freak tendencies have a hard time. Please pray that many teens will come to Jesus on May 1st here in Maine!

We have had a lot of interest in this year's event and I am happy about that. I have no reason to believe that my team has not gotten everything under control. One of the coolest things about being a YP in Maine is that we can use our public schools just by reserving them and paying the custodian. It is AWESOME. So every year we take over the whole campus and spread Jesus. It is wicked cool. Still, this is an event that I simply oversee after securing the school and the talent so I have to put a lot of trust in other people to bring it all home. So it is a Jasper issue as much as anything.

It should be a great day! I am trusting in the Lord and my capable staff! Please pray for me!