Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Ever Been Punk'd?

Jasper Speaks:

This weekend I was sharing a room with three senior high guys. I was in my own bed and a boy was in a rollaway bed that blocked me from the front of the room. There were two guys who would be sharing the second bed.

One of the boys in the other bed announced that he didn't want to sleep in the shorts he had worn all day. The other guy protested but the first guy threw off his shorts. (He had on a pair of boxers. He had already taken off his shirt). So the first guy gets into bed with his friend.

The next thing we hear is, "I usually sleep naked." Then we see a pair of boxers fly accross the room (to the part of the room where I cannot get to at the time).

There was an awkward silence as we just laid there and were stunned. I couldn't get to the boxers, the guy in the rollaway bed was not in a position to get them, the guy in the bed was MORTIFIED and I was completely speechless and at a loss what to do.

After about 30 well timed seconds the first guy jumps up and yells "tada!" We were all pleasantly shocked to see him standing there in the boxers he had on when he got into the bed.

He had hidden another pair under the sheets just to see how I would respond.

It has gone into our youth group hall of fame for pranks because he SO had me! Which of course made him pretty happy!

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