Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I Am SO Done With American Idol

Jasper Speaks:

Okay so I have been an American Idoloholic since the top 4 of season one. I loved season two and was completely hooked on it. I think Kimberley Locke was incredible and can't wait to buy her CD. (Haven't bought it yet because I am broke). I thought that the final three last year was exactly what it needed to be. In the end Ruben won and I was okay with that.

Then came season 3! What the *%&##)#? I have only tolerated this season. I thought the producers took way too long to introduce the top 32 by showing us the bad people in four different episodes. Then the whole scooter Girl getting sent home thing bugged me. Next William Hung becomes a recording person (I refuse to call that crap art so he is not an artist). Then we get the worst group of singers ever in Group Two of the top 32. (I thought I would shoot myself during Jesus and his brother Romeo or whatever his name was). Then when the wildcard show put that cute black girl out without even letting her sing I was starting to lose hope.

Next came the MOST BORING top 12 to ever exist. As the worst singers started going off one by one (bye-bye Leah you didn't deserve to be there anyway. How dare you take Patti Labelle's name and make it yours go back to Bolivia!) I was beginning to regain hope.

Then Amy Adams (who I didn't like and then she sang Sin Wagon my LEAST FAVORITE SONG ever. You don't want to get me started on the Dixie Chicks) got knocked off. I thought how odd. She wasn't the worst person. How did that happen?

As I continued to watch I started to lose hope that the show was really worth my time when week after week John "Opie" Stevens continued to get votes. Week after week he remained and I kept thinking, "Dang! Mayberry must have a heck of a lot of phones!" I smelled the need for a change in the voting structure right away. Why can we vote multiple times? Why don't we vote for who we want to go rather than who we want to stay?

Then Jennifer Hudson gets the boot after giving the best stinkin' performance on Barry Manilow night! (I hate living in New England but her rendition of Weekend In New England reminded me it ain't such a bad place to visit!) The worst part of that was that Opie was still a contestant.

Then justice reigned once again when the very next week, the phones went out in Mayberry and they sent the red headed boy blunder back to his small town where he will either become bald and make movies or will be cast in Adams Family Three as the new Lurch.

Then last week. Jasmine and George are in the bottom two. A no brainer would be to send Jasmine back to the Islands with her dumb flower in her head. But NO! America got a case of the stupids again and we are sadly Georgeless. I told Kendra right there and then that the heart of the show was voted off that night.

I still had hope because my girl Latoya was on her way to a least a final two place. As annoying as Fantasia Burrino is, surely when it came down to the two of them in a head to head competition, America would choose the class act of Latoya London and send "Ghetto Girl" home.

Then tonight happened. The episode that will make me not watch any other episode of this joke of a "talent" competition. America in their STUPIDITY voted Latoya off while keeping Fantasia and Jasmine. I am done. Until they fix the power vote I will not watch again. Until this show gets its act together and makes it worth watching, I am done. They want the hype of 20+ million votes so they can sound all cool and stuff so they get what they deserve. I am a loyal watcher and I am done.

My guys and girls Bible studies stay late on Tuesday to watch the show at my house. I will continue to let them if they want (but I can't imagine why they would). I will be busy on the computer in another room. Or I will fix them something to eat. Anything to be out of earshot of what in one season went from being the best show on television to the worst show on the planet. I am so done!

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