Saturday, May 22, 2004

Reason #5279 Why Some People Shouldn't Have Pets!

The Birds Speak:

British Company Makes DVD for Parrots
No more bored birds. No more annoyed avians. A British company on Friday introduced "Pollyvision," an 80-minute DVD of wild parrots preening, feeding and flying through the rainforest. The World Parrot Trust hopes will entertain caged parrots and budgies while their owners are out at work.

The Trust, based in Hayle, southwest England, said it believes the work is the first to be aimed at an avian audience. It has been launched as part of celebrations for World Parrot Day on May 31.

Film producer Jamie Gilardi, a Californian parrot biologist, believes the DVD could improve the lives of Britain's 5 million pet parrots and budgies.

"Parrots are highly intelligent, sensitive and social creatures, so they need a great deal of enrichment and stimulation or they get bored and depressed," he said.

The film has been edited to appeal to parrots' interests and attention span. Alison Hales, one of the directors of the Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary in Hayle, said the DVD also gave insight into the "secret life of parrots." But she added, "We have yet to see whether all parrots will respond to it, or whether some will be frightened."

Jasper Speaks:

WHAT THE HECK??? Birds need DVDs? I have so gotta' get in on this craze. Maybe I can produce a series of videos of fire hydrants for lonely dogs. The sad part is some people would actually buy them! I don't have any pets. Occasionally I think I would like a dog but then I think of the work it takes and I decide better.

Speaking of dogs, Kendra's boss just spent $5000 on her dog. He broke his back and they gave him surgery but it didn't repair it. So now he has to go around in a doggie wheelchair. This is quite possibly one of the dumbest wastes of money I have ever encountered. But I guess the pooch is good for a few laughs. And yes, that was reason #5278!

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