Sunday, May 02, 2004

What A Blast!

Jasper Speaks:
Youth Blast 2004 is in the record books. What an awesome day! It was about 80 degrees out and sunny all day. We had 150 students attend the event (a record for us). Of that 150, 55 came forward for salvation, rededication or to be prayed over during the altar call. IT WAS AWESOME!

Kerusso did an excellent job! The two skits were near perfect. I am always impressed at what they pull off. It was great to see our Associate Pastor's son playing Jesus. He has come a long way in a year. He better watch out or he'll end up being one of my favorite kids!

The band, PIF, was good as well. I am getting a little too old to rock and roll so I announced them and took off to hide outside! I could still hear them and the kids loved it! I had a couple of not so happy moments with parents of guys in the band. I don't know I just guess they feel like they are "special" because their high schooler is in this group or something. One of the parents was rude to me (I don't think he realized I was in charge) and another was giving my lighting guy a hard time. Oh well, that was like the ONLY problem we had all day so God comes through again!

I can hardly wait for next year! Thanks for all the prayers. They were certainly felt!