Wednesday, June 23, 2004


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Jasper Speaks:

Kendra and I spent this past weekend in Rhode Island. Our friends Jason and Vicki got married. It was quite the affair! They went with a simple theme. The groomsmen wore beach shirts and linen pants as did the groom. I was one of the most dressed up men at the event in a polo and khakis.

The backdrop was incredible! They were married on Vicki's grandfather's estate on the ocean in Rhode Island. The houses all around were huge and the view was incredible. I told Kendra that we had better enjoy our time there because it may be the only time we are ever invited to somewhere that nice!

The wedding was supposed to start at 11AM. We arrived with several other friends at about 10:45AM. I overheard the mother of the bride say that the wedding would be delayed by a bit. I didn't really wonder why. This family is not always known for their promptness. Then we heard the reason. Vicki had not tried on her wedding dress. EVER! So at midnight the morning of the wedding, she decided she might want to see what she looked like in it. Yup, you guessed it. It didn't fit! BY THREE SIZES!!!

So the bride and bridesmaids were at the mall frantically trying to find a wedding dress at the last minute. Literally. We waited around with Vicki's brothers and their wives (all had been former youth group members and all had been married in the past year) and talked about how this would be a great story to tell in the future.

In the end, Vicki was beautiful! The dress they found was exactly right for the event. It was a beautiful, Christ-filled ceremony. They shared their first kiss ever when the Pastor said, "You may kiss the bride." One of her sisters-in law was giggling later about how she had caught the happy couple "making out" after the ceremony behind a bush where they thought no one was watching! Who could blame them?

We also got to see our friends Jessica and Chad while we were in Rhode Island. I will blog more about that part of our trip later. I am very happy for Jason and Vicki and pray that each day of their marriage would be the best day!

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