Saturday, June 26, 2004

My Sister Hasn't Had Such A Good Week

Jasper Speaks:

Ok, so my sister Darla could sure use some prayers. The above picture really is pretty symbolic of her week! The interesting thing about the car pictured is, it was hit while parked at the garage where it was being serviced. By the owner's daughter. Who doesn't have insurance. Who is the granddaughter of the man my sister works for. When something happens to Darla, it usually has to happen with a little bit of flair!

Anyway, the garage is giving her grief about covering the work that has to be done now (even though it was obviously their fault). She is in a sticky situation with the culprit being the family of her boss.

She had already been praying for some real help in the vehicle situation. They can't afford a new car but need one desperately. Their three are all on their last legs. She, her husband and her son all have to get to work at very different times in mostly different areas, so it is really stressful at the moment.

Add into this the fact that Darla did not have the greatest doctor's appointment this week either. Her blood pressure is high and her doctor is not completely sure why. She has a heart defect and he thinks that the two could be linked. That is no fun.

Also, she is trying to prepare to be a leader on the youth mission trip which leaves on Saturday. If the problem is really with her heart (some tests should tell) she won't be able to go. That leaves her out in the cold from the trip and the trip down a much needed leader and driver.

So if you could, please pray for her. She does a lot of stuff. She works full-time and volunteers A LOT at her church with the youth and music ministries. She serves on several committees as well. I keep trying to convince her to slow down to no avail. So, your prayers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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