Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Now This Is More Like The Jasper I Know

The Quiz Speaks:

You are mozzarella!

You are a shiny, soft, round cheese. You are very imaginative and creative, but you don't like to stand out. You don't mind solitude at times and you love to do art.

The plastic, spun-curd buffalo milk cheese Mozzarella, originated from southern Italy. Pasteurized milk is curdled at 90 degrees F and the curd is cut. Extra time in the vat is allowed so that the curd can sink to the bottom and so that the lactic acids can soften the curd to make it easier to knead. The curd is treated with extremely hot water (200 degrees F) and is kneaded into a shiny lump. Bits of the mass are taken off cooled salted and are soon ready to be marketed.

What kind of cheese are you?

Jasper Speaks:

This sounds more like me than the other quizzes. I am shiny, soft and round that is for sure. I do have a great imagination (I often imagine I love living in Maine). I hate to be the center of attention (see Graduation Celebration entry). I love Mondays because I am all alone. I also eat cheese on Mondays. I wonder if that says anything about me and why this quiz was so much more right!

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