Thursday, June 10, 2004

Reasons To Celebrate

Jasper Speaks:
In my quest to become more positivie let me tell you about my Tuesday. So I had a good mail Tuesday. I mean I got a lot of things I had ordered in the mail. I got the Lost and Found Songbook (we're doing a skit I wrote to go along with the song BABY and I needed the chords so it was a good excuse to buy the book!) One of the puppets I won off eBay (Fast shipping YEA!) The books I ordered with a script for our cabaret night and for research for our college minsitry. AND a gift box from my mother-in-law with a bunch of my wife's childhood stuff from the home they just sold. The only bill I received was supposed to be $30 and was $11! WOW!

Very nice. I like good mail days.

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