Sunday, June 20, 2004

TNT This Week

Jasper Speaks:

This week's TNT was alright. I think we are losing some steam as the year winds down. The youth ministry is the only group that meets all twelve months of the year in our church. So some of our momentum in the summer is sucked out because there is an overall feeling of lethargy in the congregation in late June and through July and August.

I missed what was going on during games this week. I was inside getting stuff together and they were outside. I am overwhelmed by the number of Junior High kids we have coming right now. There were double the number of Junior Highers as compared to Senior Highers this week. I could also name about 6-8 Junior High kids who weren't there. It was pretty amazing. It is a good thing. We have so many seniors leaving that replenishing them with new 7th graders in the fall will be good.

Worship continues to be a problem area. It just isn't clicking. I am hoping that this fall when Kendra gets the opportunity to be more involved that we will be able to bring it back to more quality. Still, it is so much better than it used to be and I am thankful that students want to be involved.

My message just blew chunks. I didn't prepare much and it was the worst message I have given all year. We talked about God as our Father but there was very little passion in it. Next week, Ben, one of our former youth who has just come on as a leader will speak to close out the year for us. I am glad I don't have to speak again until September. In July and August we do mainly fun activities. It gives our leaders a break and helps us all to recharge some.

Well I am continuing to pray that God will do mighty things in our midst on Thursdays. I am excited that so many students are going to Raleigh and I hope the work the Lord does there will renew our kids and make them embrace Thursday nights for all God has for them.

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