Thursday, June 03, 2004

TNT Tonight

Jasper Speaks:

So tonight was a little odd. It was just one of those evenings that is a little off center in every way. Our games guys were both unable to lead tonight. So one of our college kids led. It was his first time but he didn't do badly at all. I was proud of him.

Worship was ugly. No two ways about it. The poor vocalists. They tried. They really did. I need to beat up our drummer. I love this kid and he is talented. He has come a long way since he first started playing for youth group. He now plays with the adult ensemble on Sunday mornings too. The problem is he is the drummer for a rock band that some of our kids have started and he doesn't have a middle ground. He is fine on Sunday mornings but it is either that or Mr. Def Lepard. So he tends to play his hard side when playing with the worship band. Which wouldn't be so bad but he ends up playing so loudly that it drowns out the other instruments and even the vocalists with mics. Tonight was particularly bad. I think I need to write an apology note to Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore for the murder of Listen To Our Hearts that occurred tonight. Way too much to get into now but trust me, you should be glad you didn't have to hear it!

I didn't have a sermon because this was our one and only Thursday night mission trip meeting. It was just the original blah, blah, blah here is all the information night. The kids are really excited and they seemed pumped to go. That is great. This year I think we will have 26 teens and nine leaders. We will once again smash our own record of largest mission team ever from our church. That is always cool. Every year more and more kids want to go. This year transportation is an issue again. Not only are 15 passenger vans so hard to come by anymore, gas is just crazy expensive. We had to up the price of the trip to try and cover all of those sort of things. I wish we could charter a bus but the quotes I keep getting are way out of range for us. So, if you know someone willing to donate about $8000 towards a one week trip let me know!

I didn't even see what we had for snack at TNT tonight. The kids also left way early. Usually I have to kick them out at 9:00 but tonight it was a ghosttown by 8:30. Maybe there was something in the air. Anyway, oddities aside, I think it was a good night. I am praying that God will bless our trip and that souls will be won. Please pray for us too!

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