Thursday, June 24, 2004

TNT Tonight

Jasper Speaks:

Tonight went pretty well. I am still a bit overwhelmed at the amount of Junior High kids we have been having. They outnumbered the Senior Highers by nearly double tonight. Job security is nice!

Everything ran a little behind tonight. I just wasn't watching the clock very well. So we got started about ten minutes late. Games went about ten minutes over as well. So worship didn't start until about 7:20 (it usually starts at 7:05 or so).

Worship has been an issue for the past several weeks. Tonight was the best night we have had in about a month or so. The kids did well even though they were down a vocalist. I found myself actually having some decent time with God. HERE I AM TO WORSHIP was particularly powerful for me. I got a little lost in the song. It has been awhile since we have sung it and I had forgotten how worshipful a song it really is. We still have some kinks to work out but all in all it was a great time in worship through song tonight.

Ben Wilson, one of our college aged guys, led the Bible study in Senior High. Ben went to college at Spring Arbor College in Michigan last year as a Youth Ministry major. He and his wife Amber moved back to Maine in December. He still wants to pursue youth ministry. He knows that is not the easiest thing to do and stay in New England. Amber is pregnant but they say they will probably go back to Michigan in a year or so to finish up Ben's schooling. I hope they stick to that plan. I think that would be great. He has a lot of potential in youth ministry.

Tonight he gave a good devotion from Revelation chapter three. He even gave it a catchy title --- "Are You Hot?" --- which the kids loved. I must admit, it did this old Youth Pastor's heart good to see one of my former kids leading in such a great way. I talked to him afterwards about him doing an informal internship in the ministry in the fall. I would like to share speaking duties somewhat with him. I want to help him stay plugged in as much as I can so the call stays fresh within him. He and Amber are going on the Mission Trip with us and I am anxious for that to happen too!

Overall, tonight was the best TNT we have had in quite awhile. We will spend the month of July just hanging out and playing games. It ought to be pretty fun. It is hard to believe that yet another year is over. I will take time to reflect on that and blog about how I think we did later. Right now though, I will bask in the pleasure of a good night of ministry, without over analyzation, thank you very much!

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