Thursday, June 03, 2004

Yes, Hollywood, Not Every Girl Wants To Be A Skank!

The Media Speaks:

Girls Pushing for Modest Fashion Options
By KRISTEN GELINEAU, Associated Press Writer

Many youngsters are frustrated by the profusion of racy teenage clothing, according to Buzz Marketing, a New Jersey-based firm that compiles feedback from teen advisers.

"There is just sensory overload. Kids are going to say enough already," said Buzz's 24-year-old chief executive, Tina Wells. "The next big trend I see is kids are going to look like monks."

You can read the full article here:
Yahoo! News - Girls Pushing for Modest Fashion Options

Jasper Speaks:
Duh! How long was this sleazy dress craze going to last? I hate to see a girl in a shirt her three year old bother has out grown. I was at a dance recital for one of my seniors last week and there was a girl in one number whose shirt was almost right under her bustline and her lowriders were practically hanging in the middle of her butt. She looked uncomfortable and it was just not attractive. Fashion. What we do to look like everyone else. I praise these kids who are taking all of this into their own hands. I had a student tell me the other day that they had to make their own dresses because there were just no non-sleazy options out there. Hello? Not everyone is willing to show their stuff to the entire world! Now we just have to sit back and see if the fashion industry does the right thing or if the market remains skimpy on choices. (Pun intended)

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