Friday, July 23, 2004

G's Qs 4 YM - Friday July 23, 2004
Jasper Speak:
1. What is one thing in the Fall you are doing?
Getting used to our new Youth Group. We have had a HUGE group of truly core students who graduated this year and are leaving a huge hole behind.
2. What is one thing you thought funny this week?
Linda Ronstadt getting booed off stage and this week's episode of THE BEST WEEK EVER on VH1.
3. What was the last movie you saw?
I-Robot in the theatre. Long Kiss Goodnight on TV.
4. What is one CD you would recommend for your students?
Anything by Passion. Can You Hear Us? By Dave Crowder. This by Lost and Found. (Oh that is more than one!)
5. What is one thing you have recently forgotten?
I forget.
6. Any recent themes or titles or lesson series that others of us might umm steal I mean borrow?
The last series I did for the school year was called IT AIN'T WHAT YOU KNOW IT'S WHO YOU KNOW. It was on First John and went pretty well.
7. Do you have a network? If so; how often do they meet? If not why not?
I like NBC. We meet a lot. Of course I don't have a network of Youth Ministry. I live in Maine. There are no Youth Pastors here.
Bonus:A. What is something you'd like others to pray for?
Our finances for Mission Trip this year.
B. Any praises?
Cabaret 2004 is over!!!
C. Besides this; what was the last thing you read?
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