Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Jasper Speaks:

We leave for Raleigh on Saturday. A little frightening to think it is that close. I am mostly ready. I am at once both dreading and anticipating the trip. The weather is supposed to be rough during the week and I hope we can make due. I know God is in charge so that helps.

Please pray for my father. He went to the ER on Sunday morning at 2AM because his blood pressure was like 240/100 or something like that. It was nuts. They released him and he went to church and preached that day anyway. I guess that's where I get my need to always be at church no matter what. Anyway, he had a doctor's appointment today where they pretty much told him to take his medicine and exercise more. GREAT.

Well I am off to bed. I hope to get a lot of rest before the weekend hits!

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