Friday, July 09, 2004

TNT Last Night

Jasper Speaks:

As I woke up yesterday morning to rolling thunder and dark skies, I knew that our planned night of "water wars" was in serious jeopardy. Then when I logged onto and saw that the prediction was for storms literally every hour of the day, I realized God had started the war early. The worst part was it wasn't going to get over 63 degrees all day (gotta' love summer in Maine).

So, I had to make the difficult executive decision to postpone water wars. We rescheduled them for two weeks from now and most of the kids were completely understanding. So quickly Kendra and I had to come up with an alternate plan. So we kicked it into high gear and the love of my life began designing one of her world famous scavenger hunts. Also, Jason, our games guy, emailed me volunteering to come up with some other games as well. You have got to love having a reliable team.

The scvavenger hunt lasted 45 fun filled minutes. The challenge and excitement didn't come with the discovery of the winning team but came when the fight for 3rd and 4th place was neck and neck. It went over better than I could have hoped. The kids loved it. Then Jason stepped up and we played another game that took awhile. There was no way you could even tell we had not planned for the night before 4:00 that day! God is good!

Afterwards, I got the chance to talk to the college aged kid who wanted to go on the mission trip but isn't eligible. I wrote at length about that in an earlier blog. I was apprehensive because confrontation is not my thing. I had been praying for a week about it every time I thought of it but I still had reservations.

The talk went great! He was very understanding and I felt he was being very genuine with me. He expressed he had been upset at first but when he thought it out and realized the other couple were going as a husband and wife he totally understood! What a relief that was! Go God! Now I just hope his friends all respond in such a mature manner!

So all in all it was a banner night at TNT! Only 3 more before the year is up! Then we are Raleigh bound!

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