Thursday, July 22, 2004

TNT Tonight
Jasper Speaks:
Well, Water Wars finally happened. Fun was had by most. This is not the favorite night of the year for the leaders but the kids really dig it. We played some fun games. I particularly liked, "Don't Drown My Mummy". The teams had to roll a teammate in toilet paper like a mummy and then the entire team had to carry the person (with every team member touching them somehow) through a path where the opposing team would try and destroy the tp with water balloons. There were some pretty ingenious strategies. It was fun to watch.
All in all in was a fun night. A little bitter sweet as it is the last TNT for our graduating seniors. The group is going to be so completely different without them. We still have the mission trip, then it is a whole new world for the ATTIC. It ought to be quite a journey.

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