Sunday, July 25, 2004

Useless Fact For July 26

The Fact Speaks:

Before his 1957 West Side Story success, songwriter Steven Sondheim supported himself writing "Topper" TV scripts.

Jasper Speaks:
This useless fact is in honor of my good fortune on Friday. I won four baseball game tickets and a $25 gift certificate to the Portland Lobster Company from a local radio station. How,  you may ask? I knew that Stephen Sondheim was a decorated lyricist who had won both Oscars and Tonys. That was the first clue given. Secondly (and the clue that helped me win) was, I gave Gypsy her voice but may be best known for sending in the clowns.

I called in and immediately won! The dj asked me if I was a show tunes kind of guy. I quickly denied it and said I just knew the answer from the good second clue. I was so not going to reveal to all of Portland, Maine that one of my greatest vast trivia holes in the brain lies in Broadway shows through the late 1980s. Just makes me seem a little, happy if you catch my meaning. But I thought I would post this useless fact about Sondheim since he won me a free lunch!

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