Monday, July 12, 2004

VBS And A Crazy Week

Jasper Speaks:

What a LONG day I have had. Last night I couldn't sleep because my mind was racing so much with VBS and Cabaret stuff. If it wasn't me singing the VBS songs in my head, I was fretting over the outcome of a skit for the Cabaret night. So I finally dozed into a fitful sleep around 2:30 AM. I awoke at 7:00 AM from a rather restless night. I got up and headed off to church for VBS.

I am the host of the event. That means I greet the kids with excitement when they come in and then lead in the BIG worship rally at the end. In the middle I am the music stop leader. So what this adds up to is approximately three hours of having to pump up the kids and be full of energy. Not to mention the constant motion that comes with leading the music. I have had A LOT of exercise today.

After VBS I scarfed down a quick lunch and a liter of Poland Spring Water. The we had cabaret rehearsals for an hour and a half. I had missed my Monday morning accountability call with Jose due to VBS so I came back to the office and called him. We talked for about a half an hour. This relationship is really helping me. Jose is such a support and I again commended him for his "crap detector". It can be annoying but he can see right through me if I try and dodge an issue. I thank God that He has let us go to this new stage in our friendship.

After doing some other things in the office, I came home. I had to check email here because my office computer is still on crack cocaine! I emailed the "money elders" about it but got no response. Not fun.

Then I crashed an burned. About 4:00 I fell asleep and my beautiful bride brought me dinner in bed at like 4:45. We got to spend a precious few minutes together before I had to head out to elders' meeting.

MARATHON! I get so frustrated with these meetings. We met for over four and a half hours tonight. We just chase our tails a lot in these meetings and I get tired and frustrated. Especially after such a long day.

God is good to me and tonight when I finally got home, I knew I needed to make some overheads for the music time this week. I thought I was going to have to type them all out when I remembered that the file of worship cells from TNT is on my home computer too. So I found most of the songs I was looking for there and just had to print them.

Now I am off to make a late night cheese tortilla and correct the Power Point Presentation for tomorrow's worship rally. Then bed and starting it all again in the morning! WHEW! This is so going to be a crazy week!

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